CCTV is an abbreviation that stands for Closed Circuit Television. It is a new technology that employs the use of cameras to enhance security either at home or in an organization. This not only ensures security for business premises and clients, but also saves business owners on the expenses of having to employ security guards on a 24-hour basis. Besides, CCTV is considered more accurate and efficient in security matters compared to guards.


Installation of cameras both at home or in a business organization comes with huge advantages. In the case of a business set up, for instance, CCTV availability not only does it help prevent antisocial mannerisms, such as vandalism and shoplifting, but also promotes a professional work ethic among employees. In other words, employees won’t be reckless in their actions bearing in mind that CCTV cameras record any mischievous activity.


These surveillance cameras come in different packages. For example, there are security cameras for homes and small business enterprises as well as those for big institutions and large business premises. In this connection, therefore, when it comes to the purchasing, it is worth considering the best CCTV cameras based on where you intend to install them.

When purchasing the device for a business premise, aspects such as video quality, camera resolution, and frames per rate should be prioritized. It is vital to note that the footage can be compromised in case of a damaged system. Therefore, it’s advisable to put into consideration installing waterproof CCTV to deter damaged by rains.

With the advancement in technology, CCTV has invented a night surveillance system, which is capable of capturing the action at low light areas. This has ensured total security even after the closing hours of a business premise.


For new prospect buyers of security cameras, it is better to consider buying those that are digital over the analog one. This is because the digital cameras contain an Internet Protocol, mostly referred to as IP, which implies that it is easy to integrate the camera with an existing network framework.

When categorized on their location of installation, CCTV can either be indoor or outdoor. The indoor cameras are installed inside a building while the outdoor ones are installed outside a building. Some good examples of outdoor cameras are the standard box camera and the Bullet CCTV, which are contained in a casing to protect them from dust, rain, and adverse temperatures. They also include Infra-Red Led.

Minimum LUX is the minimum illumination required by a CCTV camera. There are two types of security system based on this aspect, that is, Day-Night surveillance and Day surveillance. It is vital noting that, for a proper video caption, minimum illumination is required by a camera. In the area where the camera is fixed, the illumination sensitivity should be proportional to the minimum LUX.


CCTV is an excellent gadget for use in both big and small enterprises. This is because of their cost-effective nature and labor-saving capability. Thanks to this great technology for with its innovation, antisocial behaviors, such as shoplifting and poor work ethics, have been curbed.