Features of a Good Smartphone

A smartphone is defined as a mobile phone that carries out most functions of a computer. They have more advanced features that were previously not in telephones. Such advanced features include WiFi connectivity, ability to access the Internet, carry out sophisticated applications, and have high-resolution touch screens. These clearly distinguish smartphones from cellphones and telephones.

This article aims at giving an in-depth discussion of the features of a good smartphone.

Difference Between Cellphones and Smartphones Clearly Defined

A cellphone is a telephone that does not require a landline connection. Such phones only allow users to receive, make calls, and send messages. On the contrary, smartphones usually have more features compared to cellphones.

Features of a Good Smartphone

Adequate Storage

Before purchasing a smartphone, this is one of the most important features one must consider. Most smartphones usually have a space ranging from 16 to 32 gigabytes. While taking into consideration the storage of a phone, one must put into account both the internal and external memory.

Internal memory is simply the storage space that the phone manufacturer installs, while external memory is the memory that a phone user installs. A good smartphone must have adequate internal memory since it is not expandable.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the pixels that a screen has. This phone feature is very vital as it determines the quality of the display phone has. Additionally, it also determines the display technology. The more the pixels a phone has, the clearer the phone display becomes. This, therefore, means that a display with high resolution allows a smartphone user to see more details on the screen and with a lot of clarity. It is advisable for buyers to buy smartphones with a display of at least 720p.


Long-Lasting Battery

In spite of the many ways of boosting a smartphone battery, such as the use of power banks, it is advisable for a user to have a larger battery that can last longer. Ideally, a good battery should be able to last the user a day when in moderate use. A good smartphone should have a battery with not less than 2000mAh. Additionally, it should allow the user to have talk time that is not less than 15 hours.

High-Processing Speed

When contemplating buying a smartphone, it is very crucial to check the speed. This is determined based on how fast apps run on the phone.

Reduced speed in a smartphone causes the phone to hang while on use continually. This could cause a lot of harm to the user, especially when vital information is needed urgently. For example, if a user needs to make a presentation to their boss and the phone keeps hanging, it could hamper the relationship the user has with the boss.

A Good Camera

Having a good camera is not only beneficial while taking photos, but it is also useful for carrying out other activities, such as visual searches. It is, therefore, essential to check the quality of a smartphone camera before buying it. However, this cannot be determined by just looking at the spec sheet. The best way to determine how good a smartphone’s camera is by taking a look at its test videos and photos.

Useful Software Features

Smartphones that have multiple and useful features are usually very attractive. However, the quality of the smartphone is not necessarily determined by how many features it has, but how useful they will be in fulfilling their need. It is then advisable that buyers should not only look at the number of features a phone has, but also how useful they are will be to them.

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